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            Welcome to Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd!


            Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
            Address:No. 15a, nanfeng road, xinwu district, wuxiOnline


            Company spirit: integrity, innovation, team, gratitude

            1、 Integrity: without the basic moral standard of integrity, the quality of our products and services and our own future will not be guaranteed. Honesty is the most precious gift we can provide to our customers. Please remember that in our business, customers are the only and most important factor. As long as we remember this golden rule, honesty is not difficult to achieve. We hope that others will treat each existing and potential customer with their own attitude. I believe that our efforts will be rewarded in the end.

            2、 Innovation: innovation has become the requirement of this era. Innovative enterprises can develop rapidly without seeking change. Enterprises unable to innovate can only struggle in the deteriorating market, which is in danger. Therefore, we should actively seek change, grasp the current situation, constantly innovate, and stand at the top of our peers!

            3、 Team: each of our employees is creating and maintaining the quality and reputation of Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This helps us to provide our customers with products and services with the highest quality standards. We Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. every employee in the team reasonably uses their knowledge and skills to work together to solve problems and achieve common goals. Whenever and wherever, please always remember that you are with Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

            IV Gratitude: Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sends the most sincere thanks to our customers, employees and the society, because the trust, support and cooperation of customers are the foundation of our survival and development; the diligence, loyalty and intelligence of employees, good social order, strategic and forward-looking of operators are the guarantee for the enterprise to maintain vitality and realize sustainable operation 。

            Integrity, innovation, team and gratitude will be the basis of daily work of Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. For all employees (including office staff and front-line operators) working in Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it is the cultural atmosphere of integrity, innovation, team and gratitude of Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. that makes us keep modest and persistent, so that we can constantly pursue excellence and progress.

            Business philosophy: sincere cooperation, rapid response, honest operation and high-quality service

            1. We are committed to the responsibility of our customers, employees, society and environment, and gather all our strength to help our customers succeed, so as to share the happiness of success and the wealth created with all our employees.

            2. With the advantages of flexibility, adaptability, creativity, trust and transparent management, we will constantly improve ourselves to meet the needs of customers.

            Never stop improving our management and operation system and improving efficiency!